AnimangaPLUS is premium supplier of digital apps, games and short-form animation to the toy and entertainment industry.

We are featured on and in millions of toy packages each year, and produce digital products for toy companies to sell alongside traditional toys. This can include digital publishing animation or games. We produce everything from Bluetooth connectivity software to enable toys to communicate with mobile devices to the lates in augmented reality technology.

We represent toy companies digital products for sales to Amazon, Apple and Google stores.

Ask us how we can help to represent the sales of your digital toy accessories while helping drive your toys through traditional retailers.


About Us

AnimangaPLUS Corp. was founded in 2014 as a joint venture between the media company Skunkworks International Corp., and the comic-book app company Motion Panels. Motion Panels brought with it proprietary technology in the media distribution business, and a small studio in Manila Philippines with advantages in its cost structure and speed to market. Participation in Google/Shaw’s Ideaboost incubator program in 2013 had started to refine the code that would eventually become a light efficient tool for launching apps for content distribution. Using Skunkworks connections in the media business, the new company managed to acquire rights packages for the building and distribution of apps across the motion comic, TV series and movie distribution businesses.